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The blessing of family: reflections from a family reunion

Blest Be The (Family) Ties That Bind


Our family went on a recent trip with members of our extended family so it became a mini-family reunion.The blessing of family: reflections from a family reunion

Family Blessings:

I watched as cousins helped each other, argued with each other and played with each other.

I saw my mom and her cousin giggle like school girls during a card game.

My children were fed, snuggled, disciplined and loved by the closest person to them at the time, not just my husband and I.

I gratefully heard words I have said many times, come from a respected adult, so maybe they were received in a new way.

I laughed as we worked for almost a week, in groups and alone to complete a challenging puzzle.

I saw similarities in personality, interest and mannerisms from each child, some not biological.

I realized as I stood back and watched a piece of my family, that I am blessed beyond measure to hear their stories, their insight and what fascinates them, whether they are 5 or 75.

Mummy Range, Rocky Mountain National Park

Family Lessons:

My mother told me a story i had never heard before about my great-grandmother. Apparently when she and her sister misbehaved, they then had to sit and read etiquette books. I wonder what my own children would do today if I tried that tactic? Who knows maybe I will save that in my bag of tricks.

There was so much laughter and joy at our mini-reunion that it may become a yearly tradition. I love knowing my extended family, and the vastness of it, but perhaps I enjoy the relationships more.