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Halloween Ideas Round-Up


There are so many ideas for Halloween costumes and decorating! Here is a small selection for people ranging from the “I-don’t-know-how-to-use-a-needle-and-thread” non-crafter to the Super Crafter.

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Face it, Star Wars is hot. With episodes VII, VIII, and IX starting release later this year (not to mention the stand alone movies), it’s going to be hot for a while. If you or your little ones want to celebrate Halloween with a nod to the force, here are some ideas for you:

Looking for a variety of cute ideas that aren’t DIY?

Want to DIY your child’s costume, but don’t sew?

Waited until the last minute to put something together? Need some ideas?

For the Ambitious DIYer


Socially Conscious Halloween Ideas

What Are You Doing?

Do you have any favorite tips or links to share? Did you find anything here that you’re going to try? We’d love to hear about it!