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What do you do on date nights?

Date Night: 99 Problems But Bedtime Ain’t One


Date night – September 2015.

We get this one night, this one chance for glory. Tonight, there is no bedtime. Tonight, there we will be hearing no request for an extra book, a last drink of water. Tonight, we ride.

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6:00 – We feed the kids corn dogs, (thank you Trader Joe’s). The quandary begins. I so rarely think about what I am wearing. For work, I dress in the pitch black. Tonight, I have to pick a shirt, a special shirt. This shirt needs to be more than just clean, it needs to make my partner hungry for my time and attention.  “Yeah … but this T-shirt – now that would be much more comfortable than anything with buttons … Hmmm.”

6:30 – The kids are running around after dinner, throwing around their energy like Donald Trump throws around successful business ventures. I can taste it now – food that someone else has cooked for me- no dishes. A beer – with dinner, no less – unthinkable on any other weeknight. Man, I can’t wait – THE FREEDOM. What beer will I order? Something exotic maybe. Something shipped from the shores of Belgium, delivered specifically for me.

6:45 – A kid fight breaks out over a rubber duck.
What will we talk about? Grown up stuff. Sophisticated fair. The upcoming election? Alissa is the only person I like to discuss politics with. Hmmm .. maybe music. Or just something random. Maybe we’ll be eccentric: we’ll walk in, order some fancy beers, dressed in our clothes that we never really wear (out of fear of spills) … eccentric people need hats. Wait? What? Screaming! “OK, kids, how do we solve this problem with the rubber ducks?”

7:00 – Sitter arrives. Never look back, walk directly to the car, now run, “RUN!” Minds are changed all the time.

7:10 – Why have we not yet put on any of our old hip music and seranaded each other? Why have we not said a word? It’s silence. And what used to be scary is now BADASS. Silence. YES.

7:11 – I put on Wilco – just because that last thought made me feel a lot older than I need to feel tonight.

7:25 – We arrive – at a bar. Kids are not even allowed here. “LET’S SPLURGE – Get crazy in this mofo. FREEDOM!”

7:35 – “Someone is smoking at that table.” Grrr… “We’ll share a burger, please.”

8:00 – Our beer surplus is much better (and cheaper) at home, “let’s go home and drink a beer there, and enjoy being at home. I kinda miss our kids, don’t you?”


“We’ll try this again next month?”

“Yes! Next month, we make it to 10 – We can do it!”

“But, wasn’t it great to not put the kids to bed?”