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Join the Up Parenting Creek Team!

Join the Up Parenting Creek Team!


We are adding to our team! Are you a mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather who might be interested in joining our team? Keep reading for details…

Join the Up Parenting Creek Team!

You might be the next Up Parenting Creek contributor if you:

  • enjoy writing and sharing stories about parenthood,
  • believe that all parents need support,
  • appreciate the silly and ridiculous parenting moments,
  • have compassion for difficult parenting challenges/moments, and
  • value diverse experiences and perspectives.

Contributor Expectations:

  • Write 1 original essay each month.
  • Participate in our online contributor forum.
  • Share and comment on other UPC contributor’s blog posts.

What You Get From UPC:

  • Photo and bio on the UPC website. This can include links to your other writing or your small business.
  • Social medial promotion of your writing, to include non-UPC writings.
  • Membership in our supportive contributor team.
  • Professional development on the topics of writing, blogging and social promotion.

Application Process

By Dec 31st, 2015, e-mail the following information to parents@upparentingcreek.com:

  • First & Last Name
  • A brief bio
  • If you currently blog, please include a link
  • 2 blog posts demonstrating the kind of work you would contribute to UPC. (Previously published work is acceptable.)
  • A list of topics about which you would like to write for UPC
  • A brief description of why you would like to join the UPC Contributor Team

New team members will be notified of their selection by Jan 30, 2016.


Meet Up Parenting Creek

Meet The Up Parenting Creek Contributors!


I’m so excited to get this endeavor underway. We’ve assembled a really interesting group of parents from around the country.

We hope you’ll join us as we share the ups and downs of parenthood and life together. No one wants to be Up Parenting Creek all by themselves.

Check out this amazing group!

Meet Up Parenting Creek


Maggie McMahonMaggie is an entrepreneur and mother of two boys (Davis, age 10 & Patrick, age 10). She was born in Australia, but moved to Texas as a toddler. Her motherhood journey has included infertility, transracial adoption, a fortuitous pregnancy, childhood mental health issues, serious pediatric asthma and parenting a profoundly gifted son. Maggie is the founder of Up Parenting Creek. She can be reached at parents (at) upparentingcreek (dot) com.

Favorite Book(s): Darkness Visible by William Styron or The Irresistable Revulotion: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claibourne

Favorite Meal: Asian or Shellfish

Go-to Stress Reliever: Long, hot bath

Favorite VacationColorado in the summertime

Go-to Date Night Activity: Dinner with my husband

Favorite Sports Team: Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue!

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Local university sports game – especially soccer or baseball when the weather is nice.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: There are only three things in life that you have to do: Live, Die and Pay Taxes. The rest is up to you.

Preferred Form of Exercise: Yoga or swimming

AgnesAgnes is a stay-at-home mom, raising two boys in Austin. Her husband is South American, so they live in a bilingual household. Prior to having children, Agnes thought she would sit back and talk to other parents casually while her children played. However, she quickly learned that her preconceived notions of parenting had nothing to do with the reality. Agnes has chosen to maintain extra anonymity, so she can write freely about her family life and the ups & downs of parenting.


Favorite Book(s): East of Eden by John Steinbeck, To the Lighthouse by Virginia Wolf, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, Dear Life by Alice Munro

Favorite Meal: Vietnamese or Indian food or Japanese or Thai….

Go-to Stress Reliever: Chocolate. I have it hidden all over my house.

Favorite Vacation: The beach, or somewhere interesting. I would love to go to Cambodia someday….

Go-to Date Night Activity: Dinner or a movie with my husband.

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Visiting the neighborhood park or going hiking.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: From my grandfather: “If something (such as a door, lock, etc…) is hard to open, don’t force it. Look for a different approach.”

Preferred Form of Exercise: Hiking and walking

AlanAlan is a father and writer living in San Antonio. He splits his time copywriting for clients, writing fiction for various publications and partnering with his wife to parent their pre-teen son and elementary-aged daughter. They enjoy getting away to the Texas countryside and frequenting San Antonio’s great events and family hangouts.


Favorite Book(s): A favorite book is too hard. Favorite authors: Don DeLillo, Jennifer Egan, Cormac McCarthy, Amy Hemple, Edward P. Jones

Favorite Meal: Something Asian

Go-to Stress Reliever: A long walk or hike

Favorite Vacation: The Central Californian Coast

Go-to Date Night Activity: Dinner and drinks at a new restaurant

Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Anything outdoors

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: Focus on what you love, not what you dislike.

Preferred Form of ExerciseWeightlifting

DeniseDenise is mom of 3 – two girls, 23 and almost 21 (that’s important): and one boy, 12. Variety keeps her from getting bored. Most mornings find her feeding too many dogs, some horses, reptiles and nearly a dozen chickens. Dog rescuer, writer, and educator she loves NYC, the Spurs, and all things zombie. Teacher by heart, she’s homeschooled for almost 15 years, she’s also taught childbirth, lactation, sexuality/AIDS/HIV and health education. She loves staying up late, traveling, and spending time with the family – human and animal. Her uncool qualities include splashing the mirror while brushing her teeth and using too many words in short bios.

Favorite Book(s): The Book Thief. Beautifully written and judicious use of words.

Favorite Meal: Locally raised turkey, brined and roasted, mashed potatoes, gravy and homemade rolls (Gluten Free).

Go-to Stress Reliever: Music, coffee with friends, my animals and shoveling horse stalls

Favorite Vacation: New York City

Go-to Date Night Activity: A concert/local music or a local organic hamburger place with great outdoor seating.

Favorite Sports Team: Team Spurs! (And the Stars, Rampage – I love the local San Antonio teams)

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Farmers’ Market, sports activities, or a Spurs game.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: Regarding Homeschooling: “Always make home a safe place to be.” Regarding Babies: “Food spoils. Babies don’t.”

Preferred Form of Exercise: Heated power yoga and bootcamp type tabatas.

EmilyEmily has two energetic kids, an amazing husband, and a fluffy cat. When not rescuing the cat from too much 2-year old love, she’s bringing ideas to life as a product manager.  Originally from Iowa, Emily calls Massachusetts home.  She’s tried not to forget her Midwest sensibility while navigating the exhausting yet fun world of parenting.


Favorite Book(s):The Bridge to Terabithia is a favorite from childhood. These days, I’m really into historical fiction. Looking at my bookshelf, the books I would re-read are The Yiddish Policman’s Union and pretty much anything by David Sedaris.

Favorite Meal: This is harder than the book question! A great ribeye steak, rosemary garlic chicken leg quarters, scalloped potatoes, macaroni & cheese — these are all dishes that make my mouth water.

Go-to Stress Reliever: A nice glass of wine and little bit of no-think TV.

Favorite Vacation: The Beach — any beach that has great sand and a gentle breeze. If that’s not available, I absolutely love Stockholm in the summer.

Go-to Date Night Activity: Dinner and the theatre.

Favorite Sports Team: Pro: Teams from New England/Boston. College: Iowa Hawkeyes

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Anything that gets us out of the house: a great museum, a hike outdoors, etc…

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: A verse from a Laurie Berkner song is my current pick-me-up advice to myself: “I’m not perfect and I like it that way!”
In interactions with others: Try to understand what’s motivating them to gain perspective on their actions.

Preferred Form of Exercise: Yoga, hiking & skiing.

JenniferJennifer is a teacher and the mother of two daughters (Carlee, age 10 and Blythe, age 5). She’s a life-long Texan and currently resides in rural Central Texas. The daughter and granddaughter of teachers, Jennifer married one too and partners with her husband to raise kids who love to read, get outside, and embrace life.


Favorite Book(s): To Kill a Mockingbird, Anything by Henri Nouwen, Dr. Seuss, Patricia Polacco… among others

Favorite Meal: The multi-course prix fixe at Rose Hill Manor in Stonewall, TX–Whatever they serve, I’ll love.

Go-to Stress Reliever: Shiner Bock and talking to my husband

Favorite Vacation: Cloud Croft, NM

Go-to Date Night Activity: Dinner and a movie

Favorite Sports Team: Baylor Bears. I’ve been converted by my husband. We’re season ticket holders.

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Hiking in a local state park. Trying out a new recipe. Baylor football during the season.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: People can only hear you when they’re walking toward you.

Preferred Form of Exercise: Hiking, walking


JonahJonah lives with his wife, two boys (ages 13 & 10), two dogs, and a woefully neglected tortoise. Tacoma, WA is home, but he hails from Boston as evidenced by his sons’ excellent taste in sports teams. Jonah is a stay-at-home dad, a licensed social worker, and frustrated writer. He spends an inordinate amount of time taking his boys to and from soccer.


Favorite Book(s): Susan Cooper (The Dark Is Rising series) is a favorite from childhood. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate authors Tana French, Gillian Flynn and Guy Gavriel Kay

Favorite Meal:  Asian food (Chinese, Japanese, Thai) Or my wife’s Paella

Go-to Stress Reliever: Watching TV (exercise works too)

Favorite Vacation: San Sebastian, Spain (from where my wife hails)

Go-to Date Night Activity: Movie & dinner

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots and the Seattle Sounders

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Playing sports or watching sports

Preferred Form of Exercise:  Play tennis twice a week and exercise every morning

MaryMary is a wife, mother and mess maker. She makes messes every day with her kids Jack, 3 and Emmaline, 11 months. For money, Mary is a florist and an event planner. Her favorite part is the creative process and making dreams come true. She also enjoys cooking, rearranging furniture, and making art for their house.


Favorite Book(s): Don’t make me choose. Right now? Yes, Please

Favorite Meal:  J.Alexanders after a stressful event set-up. Grilled Scottish Salmon with orzo and wild rice. If I’m feeling extra “stressed,” I’ll have a few bites of Not your Ordinary Mac & Cheese to round it off.

Go-to Stress Reliever:  What I would like to be doing is meditation. What I find myself doing (and enjoying) is watching beauty videos on youtube.

Favorite Vacation: 2010 Road trip honeymoon- 12 days of non-stop driving, fun, naps, snacks and 4 different beaches

Go-to Date Night Activity:  If we’re so lucky, talking to the mister over dinner, talking in the car before a movie or talking over Starbucks when a movie isn’t an option. Adult conversation is foreplay.

Favorite Sports Team: Go Spurs! Are the playing right now?

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: umm..Hopefully someone is napping and someone is playing with Daddy so Mama can soak up the second pair of hands. After naptime? Let’s get outside!

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: Oprah says to “write your own story.”

Preferred Form of Exercise: Does baby wearing count?


SarahSarah is a former classroom teacher turned homeschooler. She spends her time wrangling a 14 year old scientist, 12 soccer player, 10 year old artist, and 4 year old dragon fanatic. When not teaching she reads, cooks, researches giftedness and twice exceptionality, and takes every opportunity to travel with her family.


Favorite Book(s): My favorite book is probably Sarum, by Edward Rutherford, with Harry Potter a close second.

Favorite Meal:  My favorite meal is a great steak with mashed potatoes and salad. boring, I know, but comforting.

Go-to Stress Reliever: Reading

Favorite Vacation: I love traveling to Scotland and England.

Go-to Date Night Activity: What’s that?

Favorite Sports Team:  I love Barcelona soccer and follow Chelsea because that’s my little H’s favorite.

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids:  I love spending Saturday afternoons at the Gardens or Zoo with my munchkins with no agenda.

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received:  Trust my instinct with regard to my kiddos.

Preferred Form of Exercise: I prefer walking and listening to music now that my knee is shot.

VictoriaVictoria is an attorney turned entrepreneur, who teaches and inspires others to make things through her business – Sumo Peanut. Originally from Louisiana, she lives in Massachusetts with her *very* active 4 year old son and fantastic husband. She loves reading, pop culture, playing games, and Autumn in New England. She has recently learned a lot about tree nut allergies in children.


Favorite Book(s): Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen; Soulless, Gail Carriger; Magic Bites, Ilona Andrews; To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis

Favorite Meal: Sushi

Go-to Stress Reliever: Making things

Favorite Vacation: Scotland in August

Go-to Date Night Activity: A movie or a play then dinner with husband

Favorite Sports Team: Um. Red Sox. I guess

Favorite Saturday Afternoon Activity with Kids: Mine – napping; Child’s – playground or kids’ museum

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: When I’m being unkind to myself, imagine talking to myself as I would talk to one of my friends.

Preferred Form of Exercise: I need to find one.