Joy in the Journey

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I have long marveled at how my own two children approach life in so different a manner. One, is enthusiastic when giving gifts and eager to show the recipient the gift they picked out. This child is also the one that squealed with joy at a new dress her grandmother got her and said “I have wanted this for my whole life, thank you!” The other child is less joyful in giving and less grateful in receiving.

How to help your kids find joy everyday.

So, if they are being raised the same, it must be based more internally. I pondered gratitude and how to get my children to see the joy around them and cultivate that for others. It is going to be our fall project. I want to daily highlight the things we are grateful for, but not just list them of in a sanctimonious way. I think to truly be more grateful, you have to find the joy in the little things. Not every day brings celebrations, cake and presents, yet I am grateful for each day none the less. My children do have advantages in life that others do not and I want them to notice the difference and to be called to action. This fall our family will undertake to find more joy in the simple little things in life, and to cultivate joy in others’ lives.

Our habit at the dinner table is to share highs and lows or a favorite thing from the day. I love to hear the highlights of my family and what they remember at the end of the day. I plan to help us recognized our joy filled experiences at that time and to plan out how we can inspire others.

As with all new endeavors I am not sure how this will go, but I will see what we have learned next by month. Maybe we will be experts in spreading joy, and recognizing our own abundance!

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  1. mary says:

    Wonderful thoughts and a great idea! Just last night I cut out two leaf templates out and today I’ll trace and cut out the different colored leaves. I thought these would be great to write our joys and thoughts on each day. Also, I thought it would be neat to have each friend or guest who visits to write one. The hope is to have some fall decor as well as a daily reminder of our full lives. Peace!

    • Maggie says:

      What an awesome family tradition to start, Mary! I love it.

      We’re working on gratitude with our kids also. Tangible ideas seem to be the most helpful.

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